Outsourcing Services on Fiverr

outsourcing services fiverr

Fiverr.com is a service portal on which many people offer many different services. So many services, so many people are offering services there. This doesn’t make it easy to find a good one there. First of all, I was in need  for services in the areas Translations German – English […]

Contract management TSContract new in version 6

contract management new version

Contract Management new version – Actually, The contract management TSContract has now been released in new version 6. The program is designed from the scratch, with a completely new code base and data model as well as a new interface, with a greatly expanded range of functions. TSContract is the […]

Software development: Encryption Network notification

Encryption network notification

Encryption Network notification – In my two “reference sites” I wrote a new blog post in German and in English. The current project is about the secure sending of messages within a network with Windows on-board functions. This is because all messages from the clients are secured via public key encryption. The whole […]

Dont’t hate WordPress

At toptal.com, Donald Mudenge wrote an interesting article on WordPress. He debunks 5 common biases about WordPress. Good article and understandable even for non-native speaker.

Secure EMail with S/Mime or PGP


You may use via PGP encrypted mails for any correspondence with me. My public key can be downloaded here or retrieved from any of the known pgp key server. The fingerprint to this key is: F481 9888 AF05 7498 320F 596E BB5A 4A08 BF93 AEB7 S / MIME encrypted emails are also possible. Please ask for […]