Cryptocurrencies acceptance for software purchase

Cryptocurrencies software purchase

Cryptocurrencies acceptance for software purchase – Generally, I have been dealing with cryptocurrencies for years and have already invested in some just to be “there”. In my opinion, it is a very interesting development, but you have to be careful, there are many “black sheep” on the way. As an […]

Outsourcing Services on Fiverr

outsourcing services fiverr is a service portal on which many people offer many different services. So many services, so many people are offering services there. This doesn’t make it easy to find a good one there. First of all, I was in need  for services in the areas Translations German – English […]

Contract management TSContract new in version 6

contract management new version

Contract Management new version – Actually, The contract management TSContract has now been released in new version 6. The program is designed from the scratch, with a completely new code base and data model as well as a new interface, with a greatly expanded range of functions. TSContract is the […]

Software development: Encryption Network notification

Encryption network notification

Encryption Network notification – In my two “reference sites” I wrote a new blog post in German and in English. The current project is about the secure sending of messages within a network with Windows on-board functions. This is because all messages from the clients are secured via public key encryption. The whole […]

Dont’t hate WordPress

At, Donald Mudenge wrote an interesting article on WordPress. He debunks 5 common biases about WordPress. Good article and understandable even for non-native speaker.