Encryption network notification

Software development: Encryption Network notification

Encryption Network notification – In my two “reference sites” I wrote a new blog post in German and in English. The current project is about the secure sending of messages within a network with Windows on-board functions. This is because all messages from the clients are secured via public key encryption.

The whole thing should simply run without external tools only with framework 4.5 functions, above all, there must be no connection to the Internet. On the one hand, the network has no connection to the Internet yes, also there is… -) and secondly, no data exchange with other systems should take place.

Public key encryption

The message text is secured with a public key encryption, the server does not know any private keys. Each client creates a new rsa key at startup and shares the public key with the other clients. Private keys are not saved and are only valid as long as the client is running. So the system is an end-to-end encryption system.

This system is also to be based on the extension of the Contract Management TSContract in the pro Version. An extension is planned here to simplify the exchange between the client installations.


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