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Outsourcing Services on Fiverr

Outsourcing Services on Fiverr is a service portal on which many people offer many different services. So many services, so many people are offering services there. This doesn’t make it easy to find a good one there. First of all, I was in need  for services in the areas

  • Translations German – English / English – German
  • Creation of audio files (announcement texts etc.)
  • Graphic works (editing etc.)
  • Data input, data correction as well as data rework, internet search and search for keywords.

There is a good and bad side to everything

Outsourcing Services Fiverr – The idea to let other people do some things for you is not new.  However, the idea behind Fiverr is to find good work offered for relatively small money. Of course one must be realistic: A translation of 2000 words for five dollars can not really work. Not even if the supplier is abroad and there is another price structure in that country. But if one is realistic and reads the offers, asks question, reads reviews, perhaps, one can have a great success.

Super service for commissioned works

After long search I found in Dimitri and his team an ideal contact in the area of document creation, working on documents, Internet search and work with data tables. Due to time constraints, I need his services for rework of manuals in Docx Format, PDF , internet search, and keyword search. Also in creation of tables in Excel, graphic works, creation of graphics, editing of graphics.

Placing an order and all accounting takes place directly in Fiverr. A PayPal account is helpful, but also payments by credit card are possible. The “colloquial language” is English, there are some German-speaking suppliers, but rather seldom.

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