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My software goes multilingual

My software goes multilingual


During the past few weeks I have started to update my software projects to make them fit for the English market. With the support from professional translator’s the first project “TSContract 5” alias “TSVertrag 5” is now available. It contains a multilingual program and documentation in both German and English.

After several attempts with multilingual setup programs I’m finally gone over to create a custom installer for each language. Although the program names are different, it is still the same software. As an additional step during development, I create and publish an additional setup in English.

This blog here is now also set to handle more than one language. Of course, at the beginning there are still missing articles in English. I will try to translate the relevant contributions in German in the upcoming weeks.

Follow will the key management software TSObjektkey 5 as a the next step. I have begun to create an additional site in English. The completion of the Website and the software is planned for the end of January 2015.

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